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e-Aushadhi is Drug and Vaccine Distribution Management System – Where Intelligence Meets Medicine.

CMSS adopted ‘e-Aushadhi’ software which is implemented in CMSS, through C-DAC, Noida with the support of Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India. e-aushadhi is a software platform to automate various activities. It comprises of Drug and Vaccine Supply Chain Management that deals with Purchase Order, Inventory Management & Distribution of various drugs etc. Also it helps in managing Receipt, Issue, Quality Control of vaccines and other health sector goods that are supplied to States under various disease control programmes.

The main aim of e-Aushadhi is to improve the drug warehouse management system and facilitate to provide cost effective essentials drugs to common people by keeping an eye on the flow of drugs, vaccines, information from suppliers to warehouse to health facilities to patients without any delay.


  • Procurement:  Carry To facilitate the procurement of medicines that meet prescribed safety and health standards
  • Dashboards: Statistical Maintenance of Data.
  • Logistics: Plans the efficient flow and storage of drugs
  • Quality Assurance:  Quality Process play a crucial role in the manufacturing value stream for Drugs standard measurement.
  • Finance: managing receipt, Bills and Payments for vendors.
  • Alert Management system: A utility purposed to broadcast information, managing event based and job based alerts  to the various stakeholders
  • Payment online: The Online Payment facility allows you to pay from your account to your suppliers online, real-time

All the activities right from the placement of Purchase Order , receipt of Supplies, sampling for testing , payment to suppliers and issue of stocks to consignee, EVERYTHING IS ONLINE 24*7.

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