S. No. Tender Ref No. Title Published Date Last Date of Submission Tender Document Corrigendum/ Addendum
1 CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTEP/023 Tender of procurement of Tablet Isoniazid 100mg Dispersible, Tablet Isoniazid 100mg and Tablet Isoniazid 300mg for NTEP 25/11/2022 20/12/2022 CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTEP/023 Date Extension
2 CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTEP/022 Tender of procurement TB Preventive Therapy Drugs for NTEP 25/11/2022 20/12/2022 CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTEP/022 Date Extension
3 CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTTL/021 Tender of procurement of Semi Major Equipments for NTTLs 14/10/2022 08/12/2022 CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTTL/021 Corrigendum-CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTTL/021 Minutes of Prebid meeting for Procurement of Semi Major Equipments for NTTLs-CMSS/PROC/2022-23/NTTL/021 Date Extension-
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